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Digimon Name
Attribute: Sprite origin: PenZ
Power: Stage:
Life time: mins (0 hrs) DP:
Min weight: g Heals needed:
Wake time: : Sleep time: :
Hunger drop: minutes Strength drop: minutes
Poop timer:
Primary attack:
Secondary attack:
Total frames: Is 8x8?:
Please keep in mind that the first four digits are intentionally out of
range and should be replaced with the file number of the idle 1 sprite.
(Convert to 4 digit hex then swap the first and last two digits
eg. 510 -> 01FE -> FE01)


Please ensure that uploaded sprite sheets are png files with all frames on a single line. Ensuring all frames are equal width and at a 1:1 ratio will mitigate stretching.

The canvas has broken.